3 Easy Airport Styles

Airport Style Feature

With vacation season just upon us, I want to share with you 3 very easy and comfortable airport styles. Unless it’s comfortable and baggy, you would rarely find me in skinny jeans on the plane. As much as I love wearing them out and about, for me, it’s quite uncomfortable sitting for hours in tight jeans. When flying, comfort outranks style for me, but it doesn’t mean we can’t find a way to achieve both.

Look 1

Long dresses for me, like the ribbed soft dress I’m wearing here are one of my faves when traveling. They’re easy to throw on and I can easily layer with a cool leather jacket when I get chilly in the cabin. Accessorize with easy slip-on loafers (so you can easily get those fuzzy socks on the plane) and you’re all set!

AIrport Style 1Look 2

Soft stretchy skirts with elastic waistbands and sweater are also comfy and stylish basics you can wear on the plane. Throw on an embellished bomber jacket and flats or sneakers to finish off the look.

Airport Style 2Airport Style 2 (1)Look 3

If you’re more of a denim person, a pair of baggy boyfriend jeans can also do the trick. Pair the jeans with a loose fitting top and accessorize with a scarf. Can’t forget those kicks!

Airport Style 3










  1. When traveling I always think comfort, yet classy and that’s why I love the three easy airport styles you’re showing us here and because of the white kicks I of course love the third one the most, haha :) Travel should be comfortable, but NOT done in sweatpants and these are great options to those! :)

  2. I have friends that laugh at me all the time for wearing dresses and skirts to the airport, but I think they’re just as comfy as sweatpants sometimes! I love that first outfit the very most. So cute and so practical! I love that the shoes are slides so you can slip them off easily during security!

    Stephanie // SheSawStyle.com

  3. I am a maxi dress girl when it comes to traveling!! I love the comfortability it allows me on the flight. I find jeans far to contricting but I like to have my legs covered because I always get cold!

  4. You’re not alone I kind of dress up when I go to the airport and my boyfriend always tells me to dress more comfortably! But hey don’t they say dress like you’re going to meet your worst enemy? Hahaha
    Look number one and two are my favorite I love how you look so comfy but so chic!
    I need those black mules!

    Iliana | http://www.sophisticatedfashionista.com

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