Late Night Easy Chicken Tacos

Late Night Easy Chicken Tacos

Late Night Easy Chicken Tacos

In the spirit of Cinco de Mayo today, I decided to put up my late night easy chicken tacos recipe. At times during the week, I get so busy that I don’t have the time to one, really think what to do for dinner, two, shop for the groceries, and three, to actually cook the meal. One night in particular, I got home quite late and I was basically scrounging for food around the kitchen, looking for something to pull a meal together. It just so happens we had the bare minimum ingredients to make some tasty chicken tacos and guacamole. Enjoy!


Yields: 2 servings


2 avocados

1/4 tsp. salt

1/8 tsp. pepper

1/2 lime

1 cup of shredded green leaf lettuce

2 boneless chicken thighs {about 1/2 lb.}

flour tortillas


To make guacamole

– slice the two avocados in half and spoon the avocado into a medium bowl {keeping the pits in the bowl supposedly delays the avocado from turning brown}

– mash the avocados, squeeze the 1/2 lime juice into the bowl and mix

– season avocado with salt and pepper to taste

To make chicken

– grill up the chicken for about 15 minutes {be sure the meat is no longer pink}

– cut up meat to desired size {I waited for a few minutes for the chicken to cool before hand shredding the meat}

– top your tortilla with chicken, lettuce, and guacamole at your discretion

– {if you happen to have this in your fridge, the tacos will go great with a side of salsa!}


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