3 Favorite Massage Spas in Los Angeles

Ciel Spa SLS Beverly Hills

Ever since I was first introduced to the pampering luxury of a massage spa many years ago for a work event, I was hooked. (Admittedly the first few times, I would be so tense in my massage sessions from willing myself to not giggle). Immaculate amenities, soothing music, and best of all –  decompressing and having a masseuse work out those annoying knots from sitting too much in LA traffic and in front of the computer. As much as I love spending the afternoon getting pampered at a massage spa, it is a special treat I only allow myself to indulge in just a couple times a year…and when I do, I absolutely relish every second of it. I’m sharing below my favorite three massage spas in Los Angeles.


Ciel Spa SLS Beverly Hills 1













I am all for modern, chic sleek white decor. Of the three massage spas, the decor for this Ciel Spa is my absolute favorite. I’ve wanted to try their aromatherapy service for quite some time, but since I’m a creature of habit, I always default back to their signature massage service.


Four Seasons Spa Beverly Hills 1

The very first time I went to get a Swedish massage at the Four Seasons with my co-workers, we enjoyed a pre-massage cocktails and apps at their lobby…and saw Nick Lachey. (For those who might not know who he is, he was 1/4 of the 98 Degree boy band. I was a major boy band teeny bopper back in the day…maybe I still am. Still waiting for that N’Sync reunion…). I’ve only tried their Swedish massage, which I totally love…but it was also here at this spa that I realized I’m generally not a fan of the steam room. Maybe I’m in the minority here, but I always feel lightheaded in the steam room.


Burke Williams West Hollywood

Burke Williams is perhaps the one massage spa I frequent the most because they have so many locations. I’ve been to the Santa Monica, Sherman Oaks, Orange, Hollywood, and Pasadena location. Decor-wise, I prefer West Hollywood’s art deco vibes. I’ve tried both their Burke Williams massage as well as their Pure Relaxation massage…I honestly can’t pick a favorite. Love them both!


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