Crazy Rich Asians {kevin kwan}


When I first read Plum Syke’s Bergdorf Blondes many years ago, I thought that was already pretty indulgent in terms of the lifestyles of the fabulously wealthy characters in her book. Trust me when I say that has nothing on Kevin Kwan’s Crazy Rich Asians. Over-the-top wealth and opulent are just a couple of words that are top of mind as I navigate Kwan’s story of how an average young professional New Yorker Rachel Chu, unknowingly discovers just how obscenely rich her boyfriend’s {Nicholas Young} family really is. While visiting Singapore for the first time to visit Nicholas’ family, the very humble and down-to-earth Rachel quickly finds herself as an outsider as she is transported to his world of private jet-setting, wealthy elites where palatial estates, uber luxe designer labels and stunning art collections is just a way of life. With this life of privilege also comes with the expectations of appropriate marriage alliances, pedigree, old money versus new money, and the constant scheming families. If you’re looking for a fun weekend/beach read, I really do recommend this book. Know before going in that you should not be expecting multi-dimensional characters that are rich in substance, but really, more in the same vein as Bergdorf Blondes, but on steroids. I don’t come from this kind of lifestyle or family upbringing, so it was very entertaining for me to read just how splashy and extravagant some of these people are living it up…and they actually do exist! It’s almost unreal just how wealthy they really are, and I thought Kwan did a great job incorporating characters like Nicholas and Rachel as they inject some normalcy and represent the two characters that are more grounded, providing a sharp contrast to the majority of the vapid, shallow characters depicted in this book. It’s admittedly a rather lengthy book, but Crazy Rich Asians is a very fun chick-lit that should go pretty fast!