Bangkok Part 2 – Food/Landmarks

Temple 1

Happy Tuesday everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend.

As promised from my last Bangkok post, here is part two of my Bangkok travels, highlighting some of the delicious food and beautiful landmarks we had the fortune to enjoy!

~ FOOD ~


The delicious authentic Thai food was hands down my favorite part of the trip. Though I did capture many delicious photographs, I unfortunately didn’t take any of the many variations of how they cook up calamari. If you’re a loyal fan of calamari/squid dishes like I am, you’ll love the many options available in Thailand. Almost every other day, I enjoyed a plate of mango sticky rice, my favorite Thai dessert. In contrast to their typical bold and spicy Thai dishes, mango sticky rice is a combination of sweet and refreshing. {Strongly recommend if you haven’t tried it!}. In a surprising turn of events, I ended up really loving their grilled meat skewers, which is a popular street food item in Thailand. I’m normally not a huge meat skewer kinda girl, especially served on the streets with just a plastic bag of rice to accompany the meat with. For some reason, I was really drawn to the taste and flavor and so, it became a morning ritual when I was in Bangkok. You would probably catch me on the street corner hanging around the meat cart around 8am-8:30am, devouring a few meats on a stick and a plastic bag of rice. Breakfast of champions.

Mango and Sticky Rice

Meat on a Stick

Rice and Meat on a Stick

In addition to meat skewers, sausages or pork and chicken tacos are not uncommon if you’re looking for more cheap Thai street food to sample!

Garlic Sausages

Tacos 1

Meat Sticks

While eating my way around the country, I discovered one of my now favorite fruits ever. Mangosteen. After peeling the shell {it looks like a rambutan}, you can enjoy the sweet white flesh inside, which is super soft and pillowy in texture.


While walking around the city of Bangkok, I loved coming across small fruit and veggie shops like the one pictured below. Fruits in Thailand are deliciously sweet and I was quite obsessed with having at least one glass of watermelon juice everyday. Delish!

Fruits and Veggies


Temple 1

Temple 2

There are so many exquisite and ornate temples you can visit in Bangkok. However, one thing I would suggest is if you’re planning to visit temples {which I highly do recommend}, to try to schedule your itineraries where you have your set temple days. A few reasons for this – one, some of them are located quite close in proximity to one another. Two, visiting temples are rather time consuming. We didn’t allot enough time for temples, so we couldn’t visit all that was on our list. Third, the dress code enforced are rather strict, especially for the more important temples. It was very humid and hot when we traveled to Thailand, so the thought of having my legs covered was obviously not very appealing, but I understand the dress code is enforced out of respect. I wore t-shirt and leggings that went down to my calves thinking that would suffice. It didn’t because they also forbid tight clothing like leggings/leotards. If you do end up wearing articles of clothing that do not follow their dress code, you can rent sarongs to cover yourself up while you’re visiting the temple, which was what I had to do. Below are several highlights of our temple visits!

Wat Pho {Temple of the Reclining Buddha}

Named after a monastery in India where Buddha is believed to have lived, Wat Pho is one of the largest and oldest temples in Bangkok.

Wat Pho 2

Wat Pho 1

Wat Pho 3

The Grand Palace {technically not a temple}

Located at the heart of Bangkok, The Grand Palace used to house Kings of Siam since 1782. Though the present monarch doesn’t reside in The Grand Palace now, the landmark is still used for official events.

The Grand Palace 2

Grand Palace 1

Grand Palace 3

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