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Happy Wednesday everyone! We’re halfway there! As some of you already know, my little family of three traveled to Paso Robles for a mini summer vacation to do some wine tasting last month. Because our little fur baby was in tow, we chose to go to Paso Robles since they’re more doggie-friendly. =) If you are also considering going up to visit Paso Robles with or without your furry loved ones, I highly recommend staying at Allegretto Vineyard Resort. Sprawling across 20 acres of vineyard and fruit orchards, it’s is easily one of the largest {if not the largest} resort in Paso Robles. With their expansive ground and Tuscan-style decor, I felt like I was transported to an Italian Winery Estate during our time there {it’s no wonder why it’s a popular wedding venue}. I absolutely love their fire pit situated in the middle of their large courtyard. The three of us took a bottle of wine, couple of glasses, some meat and cheese, and spent about an hour just talking, listening to the crackling of the fire as we sat by the pit at night. Well, my husband and I did the talking, our Lexie was just patiently waiting for a few small bites of meat. We were also able to enjoy on our last night a delicious dinner at their on-site Cello Ristorante & Bar {absolutely looooved their Burrata Martini!}. The staff there were very polite and efficient, making our stay even more enjoyable. Below are several photos highlighting our stay at this beautiful resort. Thank you so much Allegretto for hosting us, we had an incredible time!

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Instagram (1 of 1)The most charming little wedding chapel!

Instagram (1 of 1)We were immediately greeted by this grand and elegant staircase once inside the resort. A popular spot for wedding photography no doubt. =)

Instagram (1 of 1)Instagram (1 of 1)Tory Burch Dress 3Instagram (1 of 1)Instagram (1 of 1)Instagram (1 of 1)Instagram (1 of 1)Our fur baby taking a breather in the shade!

Tory Burch Dress 1Instagram (1 of 1)Upon arrival, our Lexie was greeted with a doggie bed and some treats! Though it’s not visible in this photo, their guest rooms feature high ceilings.

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