Phuket Part 2 – Activities and Lodgings


Good morning everyone, happy Thursday! In the midst of all the chill and dreariness this winter has been bringing, I thought I’d share with you more of my Phuket fun to get you in the mood for any tropical vacations you’ve been eyeing that would involve working on a tan, or laying out by the beach with a coconut in hand. So without further adieu, I bring you the last segment of my Thailand travels.

As noted in my previous Thailand post, Phuket was absolutely a highlight of my visit and I’m looking forward to going back one of these days. I have listed out below some activities as well as a hotel recommendation you can enjoy if you plan on visiting.

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Patong Beach

Patong Beach

Located on the West Coast Phuket, the best way to describe Patong Beach is “this is where you party and play”. If you are ideally looking for a calm quiet resort town to spend your Thailand vacation, this is not the place. Patong beach offers a very lively and bustling nightlife scene, so you can expect party crowds, endless bar options, go-go dancers, and adult shows. What makes it especially convenient for people is that everything is walking distance, so I would highly suggest wearing comfortable sandals that you don’t mind getting dirty as it is a beach town {and not the cleanest might I add}. Almost every night while we were vacationing in Phuket, you could find us in Patong Beach, whether it’s sampling their street food, shopping/haggling, bar hopping, checking out their restaurants, or riding their seriously pimped-out tuk tuks. You’ll know what I mean once you’re there. They’re lit up inside, a little bigger in size, and usually have dance beats bumping loud. It’s like the tuk tuk version of a party bus. As you can expect, Patong Beach has a very casual and busy vibe. No nice resort wear is needed when touring around Patong.

Tuk Tuk v1Patong 2 v1Patong 1 v1Patong 3Pineapple Fried Rice



Elephant Trekking

Elephant Trekking

Of course we had to cross off elephant trekking safari while we were vacationing there. I have to admit, I initially had no qualms about riding on an elephant, until I was actually on the back of an elephant. It’s much higher in height than I had anticipated and I was quite nervous sitting up there with every movement the elephant makes. There is a small little bench secured on the back of the elephant that can comfortably seat 2, but you can also experience riding on its shoulders with no seat. Before the safari begins, tourists may purchase bananas at their kiosk to feed the elephant during the trek. The actual trail is set against a beautiful ocean view, which made for awesome photos…but let me tell you, I was very nervous when the guide had the elephant climb up on some rocks so that we can get an even better ocean view in our photos. There wasn’t anything barricading the edge of the cliff, so yea…haha.

Rollerball Zorbing “Hamster Ball”

phuket-zorbing v1

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While planning out our Thailand trip, the very first thing that caught my eye while doing some research for daytime activities was this hamster ball looking thing. I immediately told my husband we are absolutely doing this. You’re literally inside a huge PVC ball and you’re tumbling down a 200-meter course with some water inside. You can go down alone or with one or two other people inside. Trust me, it’s super fun!


Ziplining 3


Of all the things I experienced in Thailand, the most thrilling experience for me was ziplining through the forests in Phuket. The hike going up to the courses was a little strenuous for me, but it was such a blast ziplining through the trees it was all worth it. It definitely satisfied my adrenaline cravings. What was also reassuring for me was how professional and meticulous the staff was. They would literally check every single one of our equipment before we take off on each course.

Ziplining 1


Ziplining v1

Amari Phuket – Hotel and Resort

Amari Open Lobby

If I do end up visiting Phuket again in the future, I would like to stay at this hotel again. Beautiful open lobby layout with amazing views. My favorite part of the hotel is their lobby bar. I wish I had more days on our trip to just spend time in the Amari facility and truly enjoy their amenities. We would start our day with a breakfast buffet every morning with a gorgeous ocean view at their Rim Taylay seafront restaurant. When you’re there, it truly does feel like you’re living in paradise and you just don’t want to go back home.

Amari_SuiteBreakfast Buffet