Sonoma Valley – Top 3 Recommended Wineries



Though Sonoma Valley is about a half hour drive from Napa Valley, it is absolutely worth the trip. While Napa Valley is more developed and occupied {though pricier}, I felt Sonoma Valley was a nice break with its beautiful rolling hills and sprawling land. It was a pleasant change of pace to trade in large wine estates for smaller, intimate wineries. Here are my three picks for Sonoma Valley wineries to check out!


~ Viansa Winery ~

Located on a hilltop, Viansa Winery is hands down probably the more beautiful, picturesque winery in Sonoma. I can absolutely understand why it’s such a popular venue for a wine country wedding. My husband and I enjoyed the beautiful views of Sonoma with our lunch {I am always down for some good wine with a delicious spread of cold cuts, cheese, and olives}. Plus, there are no reservations needed for this winery!

Wine Recommendations: I loved their Estate Chardonnay and Primitivo



Of course, we didn’t leave without first snapping a few photos out in their romantic courtyard.


~ Jacuzzi Family Vineyards ~

Just like Viansa Winery, the service at Jacuzzi Family Vineyards was both intimate and welcoming. To make things sweeter, they offer free five wines complimentary tasting. Our friendly server was also generous and gave us complimentary dessert wine chocolate shooters when he found out we were celebrating our first wedding anniversary. {We ended up purchasing a box of the chocolate cups and a bottle of their dessert wine to recreate the experience at home}.


After indulging in our wine tasting and dessert wine chocolate shooters, we strolled out to their beautiful courtyard.


~ Cline Cellars ~

Just like Jacuzzi Family Vineyards, Cline Cellars also offer a five wine complimentary tasting. For just $5, you can also taste three of their reserve wines. You can also enjoy a lovely picnic out on their lawn by one of their ponds. Reservations are required for groups of 7 or more.

Wine Recommendations: 2011 California Zinfandel and 2012 Contra Costa County Zinfandel



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