Three Things To Do in Moorea



One of the surprising highlights during our visit to French Polynesia was how incredibly fun Moorea can be. Before we headed over to Bora Bora, we spent a few days on the island of Moorea, where we stayed at the Moorea Pearl Resort & Spa {which I highly recommend}. Looking back, if I can do things differently, I would have allocated more days there. We had a nice mix of low-keyed days where we just want to lay out and enjoy our private villa, and days when we craved adventure and wanted to explore the island. If you are considering visiting Tahiti, I would highly recommend stopping by Moorea. Here are my top three things to do while you’re there!


My all-time favorite water activity is to go jet ski. I just love the feeling of that rush while speeding along the ocean waves, especially taking in the views Moorea had to offer.



2. ATV

We spent the afternoon on an ATV adventure touring the pineapple plantations, driving up to a plateau to take in panoramic views of Moorea, and taking a break for some jam and fruit tasting.

Moorea View

Moorea ATV

Moorea View 1

3. Snorkel with Sting Rays and Sharks

My husband thought it was hilarious to hum the theme song to Jaws as we were snorkeling with sting rays and baby sharks. This was so not my idea of relaxing.

D&H_Moorea Sting Rays

Moorea_Baby Shark

Below are additional photos from our relaxing time at Moorea!

Moorea Pearl Resort & Spa

Moorea Pearl Resort

Moorea - Pearl Resort

Our secluded private pool and patio.


Every morning we would have breakfast at their Tevairoa Restaurant. I developed an addiction to their Poisson Cru, which seems to be a popular salad dish there. It mainly consists of raw tuna and vegetables marinated with lime juice and coconut milk. I think I ate Poisson Cru pretty much everyday on that trip.

Poisson Cru

We also explored the city and enjoyed an evening filled with entertainment and a luau


Moorea_Opening Coconut




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