What’s In My Carry-On?

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One of the important things I’ve learned and picked up on overtime as I’ve gotten to travel more frequently are carry-on essentials that I need, as well as items I find helpful to have with me on the plane. I listed out below my carry-on essentials and tips to make traveling an easier, efficient, {and even stylish!} experience. I hope you will find this post helpful for your next travel adventure!

Extra Change of Clothes {if I have checked-in luggage}

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This is important. In the event I come across a lost luggage situation, I’ve gotten in the habit of always bringing with me in my carry-on an extra change of clothing. I counted myself lucky that I never had to encounter such a horrible inconvenience…until my Europe trip this past summer. And guess what. That also happened to be the one time I had left out my extra change of clothing. I didn’t get the rest of my luggage until the following afternoon. Losing your luggage, even if it’s temporary, is such a draining and inconvenient experience, let me tell ya. Not the best way to start a vacation either. Especially after this current incident, I can’t stress enough the importance of packing an extra change of clothing {including underwear). Personally, I love leggings because they take up very little space, you can roll them up without worrying about wrinkles, and they’re super comfy.

Side Note – The temperature in the cabin is always too cold for me, so I like taking both a scarf and cardigan with me on the plane so that I can layer up when I need to. Furry socks are a must for me. Usually after taking my seat and have everything properly stowed away, I start changing into my furry socks to try to get into my “comfy” mode.


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If I had packed my jewelry in my checked-in luggage and I permanently lost my luggage, needless to say that would’ve been a mood killer. To avoid this sad scenario, I like to pack away my jewelry in a travel jewelry case {a little pouch can work as well} and carry that with me on the plane.

Electronics and Tech Pouch

Electronics and Tech Pouch

I used to poke fun at my husband for owning so many chargers, adapters, and cables. Now, I’m someone who travels with too many chargers, adapters, and cables. {I swear I need them all}. Storing them in a pouch is an organized way to keep them in one place, plus, you can easily remove the pouch from your tote and take it with you to your seat so that you can easily charge your electronics.

Reading Material

Reading Materials

This may not be essential for everyone, but I really do need my reading material when I travel. For international flights, I have my 1 glossy + 4 celeb weeklies + 1 book formula. This can admittedly lead to some weight, especially if I opt to bring an actual hard copy and forego an e-reader. I usually pack 2 of 4 celeb weekly magazines in my check-in luggage, and the rest with me in my carry-on tote.

Beauty Products

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Just like my chargers, I need a pouch for my beauty essentials. In addition to keeping things in one place, an important reason why I need to keep my items in a pouch is because all my carry-on totes do not securely close. In situations where I store my tote in the overhead compartments on the plane, a few of my smaller items like lip gloss or eye drops have fallen out of my tote. Then I have to rely on someone taller to later help me retrieve those items.

In terms of actual products I bring with me on the plane, I try to keep that list as condensed as possible to simplify things. The air inside the cabin of the plane can be very dry, so I always bring a face moisturizer, hand lotion, and lip moisturizer. My all-time favorite lip moisturizer to this day is still Sara Happ’s The Lip Slip. However, I’ve also recently discovered Clarin’s Eclat Minute Natural Lip Perfector, which has now made its way into my carry-on glam pouch. It’s moisturizing and it gives you that subtle and natural lip color and sheen.

My Quick Touch Up Routine Before Deplaning – An hour before we land, I start my deplaning prep. Reason for this timing? To beat the crowd who needs to use the restroom before we’re forced to our seats for landing. If it’s an international flight, I also like to brush my teeth before we land. I give my hair a few quick brushes and spritz a few facial mist sprays to my face to re-energize myself {my husband still can’t believe I do this as he thinks it’s a complete waste of money…but it works!}. I swipe on my Lip Perfector to give my lips a little color, dabble a bit of under-eye concealer, and lightly apply my perfume roller so that I look and feel slightly more polished and presentable {aka less like a slob}.

Travel Documentation

Passport Holders


Don’t forget legal travel documentation if you’re flying internationally! As many of you already know, the environment at airports can be quite chaotic, especially with large crowds and long queues. Before I finally bought myself and my husband passport holders, we often found ourselves frantically shoving our IDs/passports and boarding passes in some nearby pocket during the hurried frenzy of checking in or going through security, while juggling our carry-on luggage, jackets, etc. Needless to say, I am a big fan of passport holders because they keep me organized, give me a peace of mind knowing all my important documents are safely stored in one location, and it’s another opportunity to inject some style to a travel accessory. =) Below are a few of my passport holder picks for him and for her.


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